Terms & Conditions

1. In using our services you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

2. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following terminology applies:

“The Company”, “We”, “Us”, means Tom’s Gutter Services

“Technician” means the person or persons carrying out the clearance, repair, and replacement services.

“Client” means the person(s), or company to whom the services are supplied.

“Service” means the guttering, fascia, soffit, or any other clearance, clean, repair or replacement services provided to the client.

3. Payment Terms

All prices are fixed and any quotes given are valid for 3 months.

Unless agreed otherwise in advance, payment is due immediately on satisfactory completion of any work provided.

Payment can be made via cash, payment card or bank transfer.

4. Deposit Policy

Deposits are not required for the completion of any work provided by The Company.

5. Cancellation Policy

The Company requires the Client to give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation before the agreed job start time.

In the event of the Client missing this cancellation deadline, an administration of £40 is payable.  Notice can be provided any weekday between 8am to 4pm via phone call or anytime via text/email.

6. On the day of your scheduled appointment, you will not receive confirmation that we are due to attend the appointment and nobody needs to be present during this appointment. The confirmation is given on the original phone call when booking in and no further notice from us is required.

7. Parts Policy

All parts relating to any work we have completed for the Client remain the property of The Company until the Client settles the full invoice total for the work.

8. Our Services

  The Company aims to provide reliable, trustworthy, and efficient Technicians who perform the work to the Client in a professional and timely manner.

9. Gutter Clearing and Cleaning definitions: ‘Gutter Cleaning’ is another term used for ‘gutter clearing’, and as such does not refer to cleaning the outside of the Client’s gutters.  This term refers to the removal of debris and blockages from the gutters such as leaves, plants, moss, and other waste.  The gutter clearing process varies in time to complete, but the prices quoted are fixed regardless of the length of time required to complete the service.  Gutter clearance is not guaranteed, and a property surrounded with trees can often fill again quickly.  Any dissatisfaction should be reported within 7 days.

10. Fascia, soffit and guttering replacements:  The Company will supply the parts and materials required to carry out the work, unless the Client and Technician agree otherwise.  The Client is to discuss with the Technician and agree on the type, pattern, quality and colour of the material to be installed on the Client’s property as provided by the written quotation.

The Client should check the workmanship and material used by the Technician prior to signing the invoice.  The Client should only sign the invoice if the completed work and materials are to their total satisfaction.  All old guttering, refuse and debris will be left for the customers disposal unless they have hired a skip.

11. All repairs where a new part has been installed are guaranteed for a period of 6 months unless otherwise stated on the invoice.  

12. The Company will recommend other companies as required, for scaffolding or other construction work, but will not act as agent, take no commission and will not be held responsible for other company’s work.

13. Residential Customers

By using our service, you agree to pay the full quoted amount on satisfactory completion of the works. All prices are fixed, however if the Client provides improper details and information then the Company has the right to amend any previous evaluations and may increase the price originally quoted for.

In the event that one of our technicians discovers an issue during the works which will require significantly increased labour time and/or different parts/materials than that originally quoted, a re-quotation will be provided to the Client.

14. Commercial Customers

By using our service, you agree to pay the full quoted amount on completion of the works. If the Client provides improper details and information, then the Company has the right to amend any previous evaluations and may increase the price originally quoted for.

On large scale commercial work which requires different stages to complete, invoices will be sent to the Client at the completion of each stage. These payment terms will be agreed with the Client before the start job date.  In the event that one of our technicians discovers an issue during the works which will require significantly increased labour time and/or different parts/materials than that originally quoted, a re-quotation will be provided to the Client.

15. Appointment Times

The Company will do our best to accommodate time requests but cannot guarantee set times that technicians will arrive at the property. While the Company strives to keep to these allotted appointment times, factors beyond our control such as heavy traffic or road works may result in our technicians arriving later than their estimated arrival time.

All works are subject to weather conditions and in the event of frost or strong winds, the Company reserves the right to re-schedule the job to another date as agreed with the Client.

16. Accountability

The Company will not be held accountable if a third party interrupts the completion of the works and/or causes any damage to the areas in which we have worked.

17. Guarantee Policy

All materials are guaranteed to be as specified.  The Company guarantees that all materials used to carry out the work requested are new, unless stated otherwise, and that all work is of a high standard.

The Company provides specific guarantees for gutter clearance, gutter repair and gutter installation work. These guarantees extend to cover normal weather conditions only and do not cover damage caused by nature, violent storm events, torrential rainstorms or any other weather occurrence that causes excessive amounts of rain.  It does not cover damage to any area of guttering, fascia or soffit caused by wind.  It does not cover damage caused by vandalism, modifications carried out by other contractors to the guttering, or any other circumstances beyond our control.

To make use of the following guarantees, we require that the Client provides proof of our previous work.

18.   Gutter Repairs Guarantee

The Company provides a 6 month parts and workmanship guarantee on gutter repairs which have required new parts to be installed providing the overall rainwater system is installed correctly.  We will return to correct any faults in the repair free of charge as long as the rainwater system is installed correctly and all the gutters have correct fall. If the problems are due to connecting parts not covered by the initial repair, we reserve the right to levy a charge for additional remedial work that corresponds to the cost of any additional parts and the labour to fit them.

Sealant repairs & flashbanding and any repairs on metal, wooden or twinplas gutters and any other repairs which are designed to provide only a short term or temporary solution, are not covered by this guarantee.

19.   Gutter Installations Guarantee

The Company provides a 1 year guarantee on gutter installations relating to any new fitted parts and workmanship. This includes the installation of whole new guttering systems and/or the installation of new fascia’s and/or soffits.

We guarantee a professional standard of workmanship on all installations carried out. However, if it is deemed by us that the installation is not functioning correctly, and that this directly relates to either a problem with the parts supplies or the initial workmanship, we will return free of charge to re-install or repair any sections of the guttering that were not installed correctly. The guarantee only covers parts fitted by us and will be invalidated if pre-existing parts or fascia/soffits are potentially or partially contributing to any problems that have arisen.

This guarantee does not cover any guttering systems that become faulty due to a lack of regular (annual) clearance and maintenance. The Company provides a clearance and maintenance service which if used annually will ensure your guarantee is valid.  Failure to have your gutters maintained regularly by the Company, will nullify this guarantee.

Access Equipment – If required, we would return to inspect and/or rectify areas/parts fitted by Tom’s Gutter Services as per our guarantee. However, if a guaranteed section of work required attention in the future, the cost of providing the access equipment (scaffolding) is not covered by this guarantee and would be at the responsibility of the Client to supply and cover such costs.

20. Complaints and Claims

We always endeavour to provide the best service.  However, on rare occasions there may be times where a customer may not be completely satisfied.  To ensure we can put things right for you, as soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out based on the contract terms and to the high standards the business aims to achieve.

Please contact us straight away with any concerns either by phone, email or write to us. If writing, please get proof of posting.

On receipt of your complaint, we aim to respond within 3 days.

21.   All unpaid invoices will be passed on to the Company’s accountant to recover the debt.  If the Client does not settle the invoice by the due date and The Company is forced to pass the debt to a legal team, then an immediate administrative fee of 24% of the total invoice amount is added to the owed amount.  If after initiating legal procedures the debit is not settled immediately, all resulting legal fees of The Company will be claimed from the debtor, should the court rule in favour of the Company.